Pennsylvania Vacations Guide – Our Story

My husband and I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and met while going to college. We settled in State College, PA, while my husband attended graduate school. When he graduated, we moved to Virginia where we lived for 15 years until my husband got a job transfer back to Pennsylvania.

When he told me, there was no hesitation at all; we were excited to go back home to the state that we loved. We packed up our two teenagers at the time, our dog, and since then have never looked back. We’re thrilled to be back in Pennsylvania, and are even loving the snow we get in the winter!

Our family has always loved day trips, and there is so much to see in the Commonwealth. While we do love going to the beach on a week’s long vacation in the summer, the other 2 weeks of vacation we have is spent exploring Pennsylvania. There really is so much to see and do here.

We love having diverse 4 seasons of the year. The fall leaves are spectacular, and we have driven to all 4 corners of PA to see the fall foliage. We love visiting different state parks throughout the summer for picnics and swimming, and for hiking in the fall.

The amusement parks in PA have always been a favorite go to for our kids, and we love spending a long weekend at Hershey Park riding the rides, having a hot dog or pizza lunch, and enjoying being outside.

My husband and I like to head off to Seven Springs and the Poconos once or twice a year for our date weekend, as we call it. We fell in love with Seven Springs many years ago, and we went to the Poconos for our honeymoon, also many years ago. 

My husband and kids love to ski, so we hit the slopes several times over the winter. I love snowshoeing and love exploring the trails to do that. Philadelphia is a fun city. There’s so much to do there – there’s great food – a cheese steak anyone?! – lots of things to do and lots of history. If you love history, you have to check out Phillie.

Our family also loves sports, so we get to as many Pitt, Penn State, and Steelers football games, Pirates baseball games, and hockey games as we can. We also love golf, and the courses here are fun to play and beautiful to look at.

We’re so happy to be able to bring you all the beauty, charm and fun of Pennsylvania. We know you will love visiting PA, and we hope you come back often!

Since 2010, Pennsylvania Vacations Guide has become a go to source for vacations to PA. For 12 years, we’ve brought you the best of PA. Here’s to 12 more years!

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