Cities In PA W – Z

The cities in PA can help you plan the vacation that you desire, whether you’re looking to find winter vacation destinations, family weekend breaks or romantic couple escapes.

The various areas of the state offer different recreational activities suitable for adults, children, retirees, and golfers.

Perhaps you want to learn the Pennsylvania sales tax rate before you arrive or what the weather will be like the time you are in PA.

Warren PA is famous for the Blair outlets. Maybe you’ve gotten a catalogue from them in the mail. You’ll find this town in northern PA. This makes for a fun day trip. My husband and I love to stop and get breakfast, shop for a few hours, then have a nice lunch on the way home.

You’ll find a nice family friendly historic park in Washington Crossing, in the eastern part of the state near Phillie.

PA’s Grand Canyon can be found in the northern part of Pennsylvania in Wellsboro. Don’t miss this attraction if you’re heading to this region of PA.

The cities below begin with the letters W, Y, Z and the city names will give you more information about each town.

Enjoy your stay in PA!

birdhouse on a tree with a gazebo behind

All the Places to See

We have lots of places for you to explore on your visit. No matter what area of the state you’ll be arriving in, you’ll find plenty of things to keep you occupied.

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