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The PA town and city forums afford vacationers a chance to find more information about the city they plan on visiting before they arrive, making it easier to prepare for a vacation trip in advance.

Maybe you are looking for information about Philadelphia shopping or water parks in PA close to that city that you can take the kids to for a day.

Ask a question, and receive an answer that helps you best prepare for your PA trip.

Or maybe you want to find the best locations in the state for fun Pennsylvania family vacations.

Join the Altoona forum to learn about the attractions in the city.

Prospective visitors can visit the Horseshoe Curve, attend a minor league Altoona Curve baseball game, and railroad fans can find out the hours of the Railroader’s Museum.

Vacationers wanting to stop by the Allentown Fair can ask a question on that city’s board and find out where it’s located and when the fair will be held.

at the Horseshoe Curve in Altoona PA on the grass with mountains behind

Visitors to the Commonwealth who are interested in visiting Dutch Country can get on the Adamstown board to ask questions about the Amish heritage and get information on things to do in that part of the state.

Get on the Chambersburg forum for information on the mall or to find out what state parks are located in that area.

Browse the forums, each city has its own, to learn more about the city. The towns on this page all begin with the letters A, B, C.

The Towns

We hope you are able to find the information you need before you arrive for your vacation getaway to our state.

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