PA Cities and Towns E – F

PA cities and towns offer adventure, fun and different activities and events for couples, families, golfing buddies or girlfriends looking for a weekend getaway for a much needed break away from the family.

Maybe you’d like to visit the Ephrata fair while you’re in the area and want to find out more about the town.

You’ll be able to do that here.

Or you and your significant other need some much needed alone time and are looking for Pennsylvania romantic getaways in a specific city.

There’s lots of towns here to take that romantic escape together.

Or the kids want to visit the Erie zoo and you need more information on that city.

Erie is also famous for its sand beach.

It’s the closest Pennsylvania gets to having an ocean!

Definitely make this lake a sight to see when you stay in PA.

It’s often called the lake that could be an ocean as you get views of miles and miles of lakes and spectacular sunsets.

Eagles Mere is a neat little historic town your family will enjoy. Check out the museum for some facts on the area and the town.

Ellwood city is in the western part of the state near Pittsburgh while Ebensburg is near the Schwab Estate, now beautiful gardens.

walking bridge over the river with fall trees and green grass in PA

Fredonia can be found in the north western part of the state.

History buffs will love Fort Loudon, built in the mid 1700’s at the time of the French and Indian War.

There’s some neat monuments in this town that we stopped at.

Fort Washington is another historical area located in the south eastern region.

Fayetteville is located in the southern tip of the state, right in the center.

You’ll find Folsom in the state’s southern region in the east while Farmington is in the southern tip of the state in the western region.

More history awaits in Fairfield, located in the central part of the state near Gettysburg.

Forksville, another interesting named town, located in the northeastern region, is home to the Sullivan County Fair and close to Worlds End State Park.

The cities below all begin with the letters E and F each city goes to its visitors page.

Have fun discovering the state when you come and visit us.

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