Pennsylvania Facts & Information

Learn some fun Pennsylvania facts including what the Pennsylvania nickname is, where to find various tours in the state and what the weather is like in PA at various times throughout the year.

Pennsylvania history dates back to the 1600’s. Colonial Pennsylvania came into being thanks to William Penn, a Quaker.

The eastern area of our state, especially Philadelphia, offers lots of attractions and things to see that are related to the state’s early history. We love taking a road trip to Phillie a few times a year. There’s so much to do there, and if you haven’t tried a Philadelphia cheese steak, you’ll definitely want to put this on your food list.

Learn some more fun facts about the state including what the Pennsylvania state flower is and find out a bit more about colonial Pennsylvania.

There are a good many tourist attractions in Pennsylvania and various sight seeing tours can be taken in different cities to see the sights. Definitely take advantage of these as you’ll get to see a lot of things you may not get to see on your own.

Gettysburg tourism and Philadelphia tourist attractions are two popular cities with lots to see and do. There are also nice Pittsburgh attractions, too. Pittsburgh has great shopping, fun casinos and some very tasty food.

Philadelphia independence hall at night

PA’s a big state with lots of cities so the list of Pennsylvania zip codes might come in handy. The cities are separated into letters that begin with the city names: A-D | E-I | J-M | N-R | S-Z

The list of Pennsylvania newspapers gives you the city plus the name of that newspaper for that city. A lot of newspapers also offer online subscriptions. 

The 67 Pennsylvania counties are listed along with their county seats. View a county map and a map of Pennsylvania state.

You’ll want to hear about the weather, too, at different times of the year.

PA has four seasons of the year, and the autumn scenery makes PA a beautiful autumn paradise each October. You’ll find the colors absolutely stunning.

If you’re planning to visit this time of the year, don’t forget your camera as you will get gorgeous photographs of the mountains.

Pennsylvania offers vacationers and residents a year round state with activities, attractions, a variety of cuisines and a haven for outdoor lovers.

Enjoy a PA vacation throughout the year.

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