Pennsylvania Restaurants – Cities N – R

Pennsylvania restaurants offer a nice variety of places to dine at after a day of sightseeing, tourist attractions or a day at a park.

Whatever your taste buds desire, chances are you will find it in one of the places to eat in the state.

From sandwiches to subs to steak or chicken dinners, you can enjoy a meal out without having to cook or order in at the hotel.

Enjoy a day of seeing the sights, swimming at a state park or skiing in the winter.

Then head out to relax with a meal of your choice.


Enjoy Philadelphia dining if you are heading to eastern PA on your trip.

Or discover some homemade and tasty Pennsylvania dutch recipes when you eat at places in dutch country.

Pittsburgh and Philadelphia are two popular cities to visit on a Pennsylvania vacation.

These cities offer lots of attractions to see and lots of places to eat before or after you see the sights.

A variety of ethnic cuisines can be found in these two cities as well as outdoor restaurants where you can enjoy your meal and watch the world go by.

Quakertown PA is located in southeastern PA in the Philadelphia area.

The restaurants in this town offer everything from chain restaurants, to Italian restaurants offering pasta, pizza and salads to Chinese and Japanese cuisine.

There’s seafood restaurants and fast food chains for the kids.


Rochester PA is located in southwestern PA near the Ohio border.

Stop in a cafe for a refreshing salad or sub, take the kids to a fast food restaurant to satisfy their cravings, or try a locally owned restaurant for some good home cooked meals and homemade pie for dessert.

Or find a restaurant in the Reading area after a day of shopping with your girlfriends and unwind with good food, good friends and a days worth of great bargains!

The restaurants are in cities that begin with the letters N – R.

A city name lets you be taken to a list of restaurants that are located in that town.

Find the Food

Plenty to see, and lots of places to try that new food you’ve been wanting to try.

If you’re visiting in the spring or summer, get takeout at one of the delis and spend a relaxing afternoon enjoying your meal by the lake in a park.

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