Pennsylvania Tourist Attractions Cities I – R

There’s a good many Pennsylvania tourist attractions to see and keep the days and nights busy – no matter how long or short your vacation to the state is.

Families, couples, girlfriends and golfers will be able to visit sights and do activities that interest each person’s taste winter, spring, summer and fall.

North, south, east and west, PA offers a variety of things to see and do throughout the year.

Our state is very popular for outdoor activities as we have lots of state parks, amusement parks and nature areas.

The mountains are beautiful in the fall, usually late September through mid October so bring a camera if you’re visiting at that time.

Indiana offers vacationers a War Memorial, a Jimmy Stewart statue and a museum to learn more about the life of this city’s native, and a theatre company close to the museum.

Johnstown offers visitors spectacular views atop the Inclined Plane.

There is also a flood museum in the city and a flood memorial on the outskirts of the city.

King of Prussia offers a big mall for those planning on visiting PA on a shopping vacation, and is close to Philadelphia to take a side trip to and enjoy the culture.

The cities below begin with the letters I – R.

The city names allow you to go to a page with activities available in those towns.

What to See

Marshalls Creek is located in the Pocono Mountains area of the state and offers spectacular colored leaves usually every year in October.

Engaged couples planning to get married will find the Poconos a great place for their honeymoon.

There are lots of things to do in that part of Pennsylvania including shopping, hiking, and swimming on one of the lakes.

Local history museums and historic sites abound all across PA. History buffs will enjoy learning about the origins of a particular city or town and seeing artifacts on its beginnings.


State park and outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the outdoor adventures in Ohiopyle.

Hikers will love the opportunity to see waterfalls untouched by nature as they hike one of the many trails in that area.

Each city has its own history and era with attractions from antique shops to museums to kayaking adventures.

Take a tour of a mine in Patton, then head over to Prince Gallitzin State Park to enjoy swimming, picnicking, playing a game of frisbee, hiking and taking a pontoon boat ride.

They host a great crafts and apple cider festival in October so if you’ll be in this area then, stop by it.

Ice cream lovers will find a nice little ice cream shop close by which offers a variety of yummy deliciousness.

Be warned, a small ice cream here is a large size somewhere else!

The two biggest cities in Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia offer a lot of cultural sights to see, sports museums and stadiums to visit, parks to picnic, swim and boat in, and plenty of shopping opportunities for the bargain hunter.

You’ll find lots of things to do that are fun and interesting on your getaway.

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