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If you’re visiting a new city in PA, visit the Pennsylvania travel forums to find out about the place you will be vacationing in – whether it’s for one day, one week or even for one month.

Maybe you’re heading to PA and want to find some romantic anniversary ideas to share with your sweetheart.

There’s lots of places to stay that offer romantic packages and extras as well as romantic restaurants to eat at.

Or you’re an avid golfer and are looking for Pennsylvania golf packages but aren’t sure where to begin to find that information.

Golf is a popular sport in PA, especially in the spring, summer and fall months, so let one of the experts answer your question.

Previous vacationers as well as lifelong residents can ask questions and help their fellow Pennsylvanians out by sharing their expertise about the state with others.

Find the best place to go camping, what the temperature is like during certain months of the year, what the cost for tolls on the Pennsylvania Turnpike are, and when the best month for taking pictures of the changing leaves is.

The Commonwealth is a great vacation spot all seasons of the year, and the forums help you find out what attractions are available during all four seasons.


Maybe you’re heading to the northwest part of the state and need to ask about some nice Erie PA hotels to stay at on your trip.

Or you want to know more about the Pennsylvania colony days and want to ask a question about your city back in the good old days.

Families and couples looking to vacation in the Pocono Mountains can get on the East Stroudsburg forum and ask questions on the weather at certain times of the year, find outdoor things to do and ask opinions on hotels or bed and breakfasts.

The Ebensburg forum can provide you with answers about the Cambria County fair or the local potato fest held there every year.

In the forums below, all cities begin with the letters D, E, F.

A city name lets you be taken to the forum specific for that town.


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Have fun exploring all the ins and outs of the state.

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